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The Final Say

Hungry for hotness in Hungary.

I’d heard plenty of good stuff about Hungarian spas and hot springs. And I’d been to the country many times since first visiting it in...

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September's 3x CON: Part 1

What, Where & When: the 4th edition of 44CON, an annual IT Security Conference organized by Sense/Net Ltd, took place on 10-12 September in London,...

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Does Apple protect it’s users from the NSA?

With the release of iOS 8, Apple claims it can’t access the personal data on your iPhones and iPads and it can’t give it to...

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New features in iOS 8 in light of BYOD and corporate security

iOS-based devices have a large share in the enterprise, which assures a strong demand for BYOD-oriented security features. A number of them arrive in iOS

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Microsoft Starts Online Services Bug Bounty

Microsoft today launched the Microsoft Online Services Bug Bounty Program which will pay out a minimum of $500 for vulnerabilities found in its cloud...

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