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The Final Say

Ham yard, salad roof.

What ho, folks! Here I am in the center of London, in Soho, the area of London that seems to have just about everything –...

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Breaches in corporate network protection: access control

In almost any company the IT security department faces two priority tasks: ensuring that critical systems operate continuously and reducing the risk of attacks on...

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10 tips to make your iPhone even more secure

Even when your iPhone is in your hands or on the table, it can reveal some of your secrets to strangers. Here are 10 tips...

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Shellshock: how to check and update potentially vulnerable systems

We’ve gathered information for patching the most common Linux distros against the notorious Shellshock Bash Bug. If you see we’ve missed something, please drop us...

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Google Ups Chrome Bug Bounty, Offers More Money For Exploits

Google is again increasing the amount of money it offers to researchers who report vulnerabilities in Chrome as part of the company’s bug bounty program....

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