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The Final Say

Cancunference 2015.

Some ten-plus years ago, our then still quite small company decided to push the boundaries – literally: we went transnational. Before long we found we...

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The Enemy on your Phone

A modern smartphone is a full-blown working tool, an entertainment center and a tool to manage your personal finances. The more it can do, the...

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#BionicManDiary, entry 001: the story of how a chip was implanted into my body

The story of how a biochip was implanted into my hand and why I needed it.

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Security within: Kaspersky Lab launches Kaspersky Security System

Kaspersky Lab announced the immediate availability of Kaspersky Security System. The new platform is launched as an embeddable OEM component to manufacturers and vendors of...

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Komodia Certificate Manipulation Likely Led To Man-In-The-Middle Attacks

The EFF’s Decentralized SSL Observatory turned up 1,600 certificates that should have been rejected but instead passed browser checks because they were manipulated by Komodia’s...

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