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The Final Say

Having a ball in Nepal.

How many timezones does the world have? On being asked that question many will come up with the perfectly logical answer of 24. After all,...

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Behind the 'AndroidOS.Koler' distribution network

AndroidOS.Koler.a a ransomware program that blocks the screen of an infected device and requests a ransom in order to unlock the device. An...

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Hot Summer Tips for Keeping the Kids Safe Online This Summer

School’s out for summer and the kids need watching. Here are some tools that can help you do the job – at least while they’re...

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Merging all Windows: does it mean shorter lifecycles?

Overextended lifecycle of an OS at a certain point becomes a security problem. Will merging all Windows platforms into a single one lead to a...

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NOAA, Satellite Data, Fraught With Vulnerabilities

The informational systems that the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) runs are fraught with vulnerabilities and what the U.S. Department of Commerce deem “significant...

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