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The Final Say

Super fly guy.

Just recently I was flying over Baghdad, accompanied by my traveling companion, A.Sh. We were on Etihad EY53 from Abu Dhabi to Geneva. A.Sh. slept;...

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Spammy Facebook friends from the neighborhood

Recently I stumbled upon some spam-ads on Facebook, which didn’t look very unusual at first glance. It’s common for spammers to rely on social engineering...

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A Week in the News: Previewing Black Hat, DEF CON

In the news this week: more APT campaigns, a look forward at the DEF CON and Black Hat Hacker conferences, and good and bad news...

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Windows merge: so what about security, after all?

As a security vendor, we at Kaspersky Lab have to foresee possible problems stemming from essentially good things. Serious transformations in the software market bring...

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Denial of Service Vulnerability Fixed in SCADA Server

A hole has been fixed in an industrial control system data management server that if left unpatched could result in a remotely exploitable DoS condition.

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