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The Final Say

Super fly guy.

Just recently I was flying over Baghdad, accompanied by my traveling companion, A.Sh. We were on Etihad EY53 from Abu Dhabi to Geneva. A.Sh. slept;...

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IoT: How I hacked my home

A typical modern home can have around five devices connected to the local network which aren’t computers, tablets or cellphones. As users in a connected...

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How I hacked my home

The story of a researcher who wanted to see how vulnerable he actually was.

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Survey: Windows XP share is still above 16%

Windows XP’s longevity is fascinating – and terrifying from the security point of view. The latest survey shows it’s still around – over 16% of...

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UPS Admits 51 Stores Hit With Malware For Five Months

UPS reported this week that 51 of its stores suffered a “broad-based malware intrusion” earlier this spring.

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