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The Final Say

Nifty lifty.

On my business travels around the world, I come across some of the most ingeniously intriguing bits of tech-kit, which never cease to amaze me....

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AVAR 2014 - Australia

This year’s 17th Association of anti-Virus Asia Researchers international conference, “AVAR 2014″ came back to Sydney, Australia with the theme “Security Down-Under”.

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11 Unsecure Mobile and Internet Messaging Apps

The Electronic Frontier Foundation recently graded a slew of mobile and Internet messaging services based on security and privacy. Here we list the low scorers.

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Multilayered defense against cybercrime

Medieval doors were extremely sturdy due to their two-layer construction and different wood grain directions across those layers. Multilayered defensive structures is a must in...

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Most Targeted Attacks Exploit Privileged Accounts

Most targeted attacks exploit privileged account access according to a new report commissioned by the security firm CyberArk.

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