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The Final Say

Island No. 16: Sumishir.

Here we are with more adventures on the Kuril Islands… Our expedition went like this: new day – new island. In all there were 18...

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Sinkholing the Backoff POS Trojan

There is currently a lot of buzz about the Backoff point-of-sale Trojan that is designed to steal credit card information from computers that have POS...

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Kaspersky Daily News Podcast: August 2014

Brian Donohue and Chris Brook recap the month’s security headlines from its beginnings at Black Hat and DEFCON, to a bizarre PlayStation Network outage.

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What is PoS malware and why does it cost millions

PoS malware is a long-standing problem which caught the public’s attention only recently. It came out with a loud bang: The repercussions of Target’s drastic...

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Mozilla to Support Key Pinning in Firefox 32

Mozilla is planning to add support for public-key pinning in its Firefox browser in an upcoming version. In version 32, which would be the next...

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