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The Final Say


Continuing the airport theme… Holy moly! This is one ultra-modern, cavernous travel hub. It resembles more a museum than an airport. All polished and shiny...

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Spammy Facebook friends from the neighborhood

Recently I stumbled upon some spam-ads on Facebook, which didn’t look very unusual at first glance. It’s common for spammers to rely on social engineering...

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Does every iPhone spy on its owner, after all?

Your iPhone runs hidden monitoring services. Who uses them, and for what purpose?

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Windows merge: so what about security, after all?

As a security vendor, we at Kaspersky Lab have to foresee possible problems stemming from essentially good things. Serious transformations in the software market bring...

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New Backoff PoS Malware Identified in Several Attacks

A new breed of point-of-sale malware has been found in several recent attacks, and experts say that the tool, known as Backoff, has extensive data...

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