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The Final Say

Like sardines… ‘United’ in a can.

At first I was going to call this post something like ‘cattle wagon’. Then I had a think, and figured that’d be too malicious. Kinda...

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Scammers' delivery service: exclusively dangerous

Well-known companies and brands are favorite targets for fraudsters. After all, it is much easier to get people’s attention with the use of a popular...

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Dozens of Popular Android Apps Leak Sensitive User Data

A number of popular Android applications are putting sensitive user data at risk of exposure because the app developers are not fully implementing encryption.

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Where have all those malware epidemics gone?

It’s been years since we’ve last heard of any large worm epidemics. Does it really mean that malware epidemics have gone away for good?...

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OWASP Releases Latest App Sec Guide

OWASP published the latest iteration of its Testing Guide, an informational manual designed to teach developers how to build and maintain secure application.

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