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The Final Say

Super fly guy.

Just recently I was flying over Baghdad, accompanied by my traveling companion, A.Sh. We were on Etihad EY53 from Abu Dhabi to Geneva. A.Sh. slept;...

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ZeroLocker won't come to your rescue

In recent times we’ve been seeing a lot of file-encrypting ransomware activity. One of the new ones we’ve seen pop up in the last couple...

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Three secrets of snappy antivirus

The new version of Kaspersky Internet Security has performance improvements from 10 to 1000 percent in various scenarios. Good reason to try it!

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High-tech crimes: not too “high” after all

High-tech crime sounds impressive, but actually the tools are the only somewhat high-tech part, the goals almost never are.

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U.S. Nuclear Regulator Hacked Three Times in Three Years

Hackers hit the U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC) three separate times over the past three years.

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