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The Final Say

Bowled over by the best batsman.

I once wondered why golf isn’t popular in Russia. Or rugby or cricket, for that matter. Why are these sports – played by millions and...

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Behind the 'AndroidOS.Koler' distribution network

AndroidOS.Koler.a a ransomware program that blocks the screen of an infected device and requests a ransom in order to unlock the device. An...

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Instagram Mobile App Only Partially Encrypted by Facebook

Facebook fails to fully encrypt data on its Instagram mobile app, which puts user security and privacy at risk.

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Windows merge: same base, same malware?

The same code base of Windows for various devices means also that the same malware can hypothetically attack all of them.

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Multipath TCP Introduces Security Blind Spot

A talk at Black Hat will expose security weaknesses introduced by multipath TCP, extensions to TCP that bring resilience and efficiency to networking.

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