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What properties are essential to information security?

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Abraham Lincoln

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The Final Say

Vodka – Connecting Peoples?

Aloha, droogs! Today I’m reporting to you from Hawaii, USA. Yes, it is nice for some :). We were staying at a military hostel that...

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Blog: Would you like some Zeus with your coffee?

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Safe Internet Messaging: Is it Fiction?

Today, regular instant messengers are hard to trust when it comes to privacy. There are, of course, safer alternatives, but are they able to substitute...

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The #heartbleed scare: the quest of changing passwords

There is one somewhat positive outcome from the ongoing #heartbleed scare: the password security issue is back in focus. How big is the ‘adventure’ of...

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Oracle Fixes 104 Security Vulnerabilities in Quarterly Patch Update

Oracle fixes more than 100 security vulnerabilities in its Java, Database, and other products with its critical patch updates.

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