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The Final Say

Isn’t it good, Norwegian fjords.

I’ve made up a list of what I feel are the Top-100 Must-See Places in the World. Number 45 in that list is ‘Norwegian fjords’...

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New gTLDs, same attacks

Cybercriminals around the world have already started to point their guns and attacks at the new gTLDs, the ‘generic Top Level Domains’ approved by ICANN...

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What Can We Learn From the Billion Dollar Brazilian Boleto Scam?

A Brazilian cybercriminal scam targeting a popular payment method known as Boletos is costing that country billions. How can you protect yourself?

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Man in the middle – of what?

We hear a lot about so-called MITM attacks, but what is it in a nutshell? Let’s look at the “layman” explanation.

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Android Exploited to Make and End Phone Calls, Send USSD Codes

A pair of Android vulnerabilities in ever version prior to KitKat could give an attacker the ability to make and end phone calls and send...

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