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What properties are essential to information security?

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The Final Say

Vodka – Connecting Peoples?

Aloha, droogs! Today I’m reporting to you from Hawaii, USA. Yes, it is nice for some :). We were staying at a military hostel that...

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Analysis: IT threat evolution Q1 2014

According to KSN data, Kaspersky Lab products blocked a total of 1131000866 malicious attacks on computers and mobile devices in the first quarter of 2014.

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Banking Malware is Rapidly Growing on Android

The concept of mobile malware working in bond with computer Trojans to steal money via online banking is not new, however Kaspersky Lab Q1 report...

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Kaspersky CyberSecurity Summit 2014

On Tuesday, April 15, Kaspersky Lab held its annual CyberSecurity Summit in San Francisco, CA at the St. Regis hotel. Kaspersky partners, customers and journalists...

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Certificate Revocations Shoot Up in Wake of OpenSSL Heartbleed Bug

The after effects of the OpenSSL heartbleed vulnerability continue to spread through the technology industry, nearly two weeks after the details of the flaw were...

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