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The Final Say

Tel Aviving the time.

My fall season globetrotting continues from country to country, city to city… What’s nice about it this year is that the weather just about everywhere...

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Breaches in corporate network protection: access control

In almost any company the IT security department faces two priority tasks: ensuring that critical systems operate continuously and reducing the risk of attacks on...

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Why phishing works and how to avoid it

Phishing is the most developed form of Internet scamming. Let’s explore the topic in order to better understand why it became so prominent and what...

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Shellshock: how to check and update potentially vulnerable systems

We’ve gathered information for patching the most common Linux distros against the notorious Shellshock Bash Bug. If you see we’ve missed something, please drop us...

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Joomla Re-Issues Security Update After Patches Glitch

A security update for the Joomla content management system was pulled and re-issued after problems with the first set of patches for a remote file...

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