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The Final Say

Super fly guy.

Just recently I was flying over Baghdad, accompanied by my traveling companion, A.Sh. We were on Etihad EY53 from Abu Dhabi to Geneva. A.Sh. slept;...

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"El Machete"

“Machete” is a targeted attack campaign with Spanish speaking roots. Most of the victims are located in Venezuela, Ecuador, , Colombia, Peru, Russia, Cuba, and...

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Blackphone review: is a secure smartphone possible?

We have bought our very own Blackphone to check its security firsthand.

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Virtual security: yeah, we’ve heard something

A recent survey shows that IT professionals have a very uneven understanding of how to protect their virtualization environments. Baseline awareness exists, but there’s a...

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Tor Browser Hardening Features Under Scrutiny

An iSEC Partners report examining hardening features of the Tor Browser recommends moving off Firefox to Chrome, but budget and feature constraints make that unlikely.

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