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The Final Say


What does an ideal weekend… smell like? I mean, an ideal weekend for boys… of all ages? :) The answer, I firmly believe, is as...

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Phishing attack to target the clients of a Japanese bank

Most phishing emails that aim to steal bank and e-payment data are written in English. However, we are seeing more and more fraudulent...

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Always keep your protection up-to-date!

Let’s take a moment to discuss why people tend to skip updating and upgrading their security solutions, and why this is detrimental.

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Security of online gaming business: reasons to care

Online games these days are products of years of development with budgets approaching those in Hollywood, and with similar marketing support. And if we speak...

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New Google Security Dashboard Manages Device Activity

Google released a new Devices and Activity Dashboard, along with a new security wizard for Google for Work accounts.

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