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The Final Say

Cuisine on the road, pt. 1: Kamchatka

Some time ago I was asked about what I pack in my suitcase on my frequent long trips round the globe – to kinda come...

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Scammers' delivery service: exclusively dangerous

Well-known companies and brands are favorite targets for fraudsters. After all, it is much easier to get people’s attention with the use of a popular...

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Busted! Top prosecutions of August

The final month of summer wasn’t full of cybercriminal stories, but law enforcement groups around the world still found and punished some evildoers.

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Where have all those malware epidemics gone?

It’s been years since we’ve last heard of any large worm epidemics. Does it really mean that malware epidemics have gone away for good?...

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Series of Vulnerabilities Found in Schneider Electric SCADA Products

There are several unpatched, remotely exploitable vulnerabilities in a number of Schneider Electric’s SCADA products, one of which could be used to perform a shutdown...

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