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The Final Say

Sochi’s winning Formula.

The first Formula One Russian Grand Prix was really great! The track is very fast, whatever the nay-sayers claim about it being boring and needing...

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The Ventir Trojan: assemble your MacOS spy

We got an interesting file for analysis a short while ago. It turned out to be a sample of modular malware for MacOS X.

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The Wonders of Whitelisting (as Opposed to Blacklisting)

Antivirus protection is often perceived as a process of simply blocking what is bad. However, it’s as much a process of approving what is good....

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A hole in the fence: is there a “partial preparedness” to cyberthreats?

Can a business be “partially” prepared to ward off cyberthreats? That’s up for debate, but it seems there is little difference between “partial protection” and...

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Privacy Criticism Hits OSX Yosemite over Location Data

Apple has fixed a huge number of security vulnerabilities in OS X and iTunes and, at the same time, is being hit with criticisms about...

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