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The Final Say

The Kurils: Why, where, how.

So, where on earth did the idea of a cruise, not around tourist-friendly tropical islands, but around mostly uninhabited – for a reason – polar-esque...

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Thefts in Remote Banking Systems: Incident Investigations

An organization recently asked Kaspersky Lab to investigate an incident that had occurred in its corporate remote banking system: a bank asked for confirmation of...

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Good Gets Better: KIS 2015

Like it or not, your children are going to be on the web. Kaspersky’s award-winning parental controls let you monitor their activity and block them...

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Where have all those malware epidemics gone?

It’s been years since we’ve last heard of any large worm epidemics. Does it really mean that malware epidemics have gone away for good?...

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Adobe Gets Delayed Reader Update Out The Door

Adobe released a new version of Reader and Acrobat, patching eight security vulnerabilities in the PDF reader. The patches were delayed a weeks because of...

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