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The Final Say

The evolution of OS X malware.

Is there any (Mac) OS X-specific malware around? Oh yes. But for some odd reason I haven’t said anything interesting on this topic for quite...

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Shellshock and its early adopters

Shortly after disclosure of the Bash bug called “Shellshock” we saw the first attempts by criminals to take advantage of this widespread vulnerability also known as...

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Bitcoins, Home Hacking, Apple Malware and More at Virus Bulletin

Virus Bulletin is a traditionally enterprise-focused event, but each year topics of consumer interest, like Apple malware, hackable devices and Bitcoin are presented.

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Bashbug/Shellshock: the day after

It’s been a day since the BashBug aka Shellshock bug was disclosed. What real damage has been inflicted and who is most in danger?

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Apple Patches Shellshock Vulnerability in Bash for OS X

Apple released its patch for the Bash vulnerability, repairing versions of OS X vulnerable to Shellshock exploits.

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