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The Final Say

Having a ball in Nepal.

How many timezones does the world have? On being asked that question many will come up with the perfectly logical answer of 24. After all,...

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Behind the 'AndroidOS.Koler' distribution network

AndroidOS.Koler.a a ransomware program that blocks the screen of an infected device and requests a ransom in order to unlock the device. An...

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Beware: public computers in hotels

If it is absolutely necessary that you check your email and the only way to do it is on a public computer, forward your email...

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Merging all Windows: what gives?

Microsoft’s announcement that it is going to consolidate all of its major platforms into one is quite a logical move. But what are the possible...

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Critical Android FakeID Bug Allows Attackers to Impersonate Trusted Apps

There is a critical vulnerability in millions of Android devices that allows a malicious app to impersonate a trusted application in a transparent way, enabling...

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