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The Final Say

Bowled over by the best batsman.

I once wondered why golf isn’t popular in Russia. Or rugby or cricket, for that matter. Why are these sports – played by millions and...

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Behind the 'AndroidOS.Koler' distribution network

AndroidOS.Koler.a a ransomware program that blocks the screen of an infected device and requests a ransom in order to unlock the device. An...

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Instagram Mobile App Only Partially Encrypted by Facebook

Facebook fails to fully encrypt data on its Instagram mobile app, which puts user security and privacy at risk.

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Merging all Windows: does it mean shorter lifecycles?

Overextended lifecycle of an OS at a certain point becomes a security problem. Will merging all Windows platforms into a single one lead to a...

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Tor Sniffs Out Attacks Trying to Deanonymize Hidden Services Users

Tor is warning users of its hidden services to upgrade relays after attackers were discovered on the network trying to deanonymize users.

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