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The Final Say

You can’t go wrong with Hong Kong.

It had been what seems like eons since I’d checked into a hotel which I simply had to tell you about separately due to its...

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Haunted by APT

Over the past decade, APT have intensely targeted organizations and individuals across India. Its developing base of technology, its geographical location and bounds, its inclusive...

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Ask the expert: Watch Dogs vs Reality

Igor Soumenkov, a Kaspersky Lab contributor to the Ubisoft’s Watch Dogs script assessment, explains how close to real life the game world is.

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Hunting the Hydra: why Gameover ZeuS botnet is here to stay

Gameover ZeuS botnet is a 3-y.o. headache for security experts and users alike. It took a global operation to dismantle its C&C servers, but experts...

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Researchers Plan to Disclose Critical Bugs to TAILS Team Soon

The developers of the TAILS operating system are poised to release a new version of the software–which is designed to preserve privacy and anonymity–and it includes...

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