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The Final Say

Davos takes a break from skiing for a week.

For me, there’s nothing better to invigorate the soul and get the spirits up on a winter’s morning than a brisk stroll in the icy...

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Comparing the Regin module 50251 and the "Qwerty" keylogger provided a copy of a malicious program codenamed “QWERTY”, supposedly used by several governments in their CNE operations. Looking at the code closely, we...

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Data Privacy Day: 2014’s Top Privacy Data Leaks

The top privacy data leaks in 2014 include: data breaches at Target and Home Depot, hacks of JP Morgan and Barclays banks, and leaks at...

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Security assessment approaches in your small business

What is the best way to start assessing your company’s cybersecurity issues? First, look around at what you have.

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Of Ghost glibc Vulnerability Patching and Exploits

Experts urge system administrators to patch the Ghost vulnerability in glibc immediately, but counter that as well that exploiting the bug may be challenging.

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