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The Final Say

Life on the Island.

Now I’d like to write about some other places on Hawaii which I liked and which stuck in my memory. For some reason, I took...

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Analysis: Spam report: March 2014

In March, spammers weren’t content to stick with traditional holiday-related advertising; they also used holiday-themed messages to con personal information from users of social networks....

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Fortifying Facebook: Security Settings You Need to Know

In this video tutorial, we explore the Facebook settings pages, explaining what each feature does and showing users how to securely configure their profiles

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Security incidents digest, April 2014

April 2014 was destined to be the month ‘when Windows XP’ died, but this didn’t happen. The ‘Heartbleed’ bug outshone everything else. Still, there were...

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Apache Warns of Faulty Zero Day Patch for Struts

The Apache Software Foundation will re-issue at patch for a ClassLoader manipulation zero-day vulnerability in Struts. The fix is expected to be ready within 72...

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