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The Final Say

Geography lesson.

Every day we release up to 2000 updates for our products. Every week our users around the globe download those updates over a billion times....

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Android NFC hack allow users to have free rides in public transportation

More and more people keep talking about the feature of payments via NFC. The problem in this particular case is that somebody reversed the “Tarjeta...

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Production cars that allow you to race like in a video game

The owners of certain expensive cars can analyze their driving skills in the same way F1 pilots do. However, this information is sensitive and, thus,...

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How an ill-designed data access policy can interfere with cybersecurity

A data access policy becomes an issue for any company as soon as it accumulates a considerable amount of valuable and sensitive data. That doesn’t...

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D.C.’s Complicated View of Cyberwar, Regulation, Liability

Former NSA general counsel Stewart Baker shared his insight on Washington’s perceptions of cyberwar during his keynote address at the Cybersecurity Summit in Minneapolis.

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