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The Final Say

Nifty lifty.

On my business travels around the world, I come across some of the most ingeniously intriguing bits of tech-kit, which never cease to amaze me....

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A Nightmare on Malware Street

Another ransomware has been spotted in the wild lately, branded as ‘CoinVault’. This one involves some interesting details worth mentioning, including the peculiar characteristic of...

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Who is to blame for “hacked” private cameras?

Recent news concerning “hacked webcams” or “breached baby monitors” appears to be all over the place. Let’s take a closer look at the situation.

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IT Threat Evolution Q3 2014: arms race goes on, who wins?

Kaspersky Lab released its new IT Threat Evolution Q3 2014 report, dedicated to the most important security incidents and trends in the cybersecurity sphere. It...

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FTC Shutters $120 Million Tech Support, Bogus Software Scam

The FTC and a Florida federal court issued temporary restraining orders against a number of organizations and individuals involved in a massive telemarketing operating selling...

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