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The Final Say

Geography lesson.

Every day we release up to 2000 updates for our products. Every week our users around the globe download those updates over a billion times....

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The Ventir Trojan: assemble your MacOS spy

We got an interesting file for analysis a short while ago. It turned out to be a sample of modular malware for MacOS X.

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Production cars that allow you to race like in a video game

The owners of certain expensive cars can analyze their driving skills in the same way F1 pilots do. However, this information is sensitive and, thus,...

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A hole in the fence: is there a “partial preparedness” to cyberthreats?

Can a business be “partially” prepared to ward off cyberthreats? That’s up for debate, but it seems there is little difference between “partial protection” and...

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Google Adds Hardware Security Key For Account Protection

Google is introducing an improved two-factor authentication system for Gmail and its other services that uses a tiny hardware token that will only work on...

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