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The Final Say

Cologne Gothedral.

Another of my long-held dreams has finally come true – to check out Cologne Cathedral in the flesh. Crikey. It’s just monumental. Eerie. A huge...

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Why You Shouldn't Completely Trust Files Signed with Digital Certificates

Users trust files signed with digital certificates, so cybercriminals are always keen to attach these certificates to their malicious files. This article explores the main...

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Onion Ransomware News: Improved Version of CTB-Locker Emerges

New version of CTB-Locker, a ransomware that uses Tor and Bitcoin to evade detection and takedowns, should be avoided at all costs.

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Security assessment approaches in your small business

What is the best way to start assessing your company’s cybersecurity issues? First, look around at what you have.

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FCC Warns Businesses WiFi Blocking is Illegal

In the wake of a recent enforcement action against Marriott for blocking guests’ WiFi hotspots in their hotels, the FCC is warning other hotel operators...

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