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The Final Say

Nifty lifty.

On my business travels around the world, I come across some of the most ingeniously intriguing bits of tech-kit, which never cease to amaze me....

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Regin: Nation-state ownage of GSM networks

A sophisticated group known as Regin has targeted high-profile entities around the world. Regin is one of the most sophisticated attack platforms we have ever...

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Regin APT Attacks Among the Most Sophisticated Ever Analyzed

A new APT campaign called Regin targets the usual victims plus a prestigious cryptographer and the GSM standard on which most cellular communications occur.

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Protecting the future: the roots of security

Today’s information technologies are a rather mishmashed system comprised of top-notch innovations interspersed with legacy technologies, some of which have been in use for decades...

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Sony Pictures Dealing With Apparent Network Compromise

Sony Pictures Entertainment is still in the process of trying to recover from an apparent compromise of some of the company’s computer systems. The attack...

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