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The Final Say


How time flies… It’s now nearly two weeks since I was in Abu Dhabi for a high-speed adrenalin injection, and only just now have I...

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Kaspersky Security Bulletin 2014. A Look into the APT Crystal Ball

By closely observing more than 60 threat actors responsible for APT attacks worldwide, the team of experts has now compiled a list of the top...

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Never Lose Control, or Paranoia Offline

Everyone is afraid of hackers, phishers and other online criminals dwelling in the shadows of the Internet. But this particular story is not about the...

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No penguin left behind: Epic Turla APT’s Linux component discovered

Kaspersky Lab experts unveiled new Linux-targeting malware related to the infamous Turla APT. Such modules were known to exist before, but never met in the...

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Attackers Compromise ICANN, Access Zone Files System

Unknown hackers were able to compromise vital systems belonging to ICANN, the organization that manages the global top-level domain system, and had access to the...

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