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The Final Say


How time flies… It’s now nearly two weeks since I was in Abu Dhabi for a high-speed adrenalin injection, and only just now have I...

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Chthonic: a New Modification of ZeuS

In the fall of 2014, we discovered a new banking Trojan, which caught our attention for two reasons…

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Dangerous greeting cards and other Christmas disasters

Anyone who goes online could be hacked. During Christmas time, this possibility doubles as we make a number of purchases and get so excited that...

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Chthonic, son of ZeuS: a new endurance trial for banks

A new malware hits banks and their clients worldwide. Codenamed Chthonic, it is actually an evolved version of notorious Zeus banking Trojan.

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Staples Confirms 1.2 Million Cards Lost in Breach

Staples confirmed that it lost close to 1.2 million payment cards in a data breach lasting close to six months and affecting 115 locations in

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