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April witchcraft

Veniamin Ginodman The United States is renowned as a land which has created a huge array of popular entertainment and sent it all over the world. The Deerslayer, Sleepy Hollow, Superman, Captain America, Terminator, Mickey Mouse, Hannibal Lecter… and last but not least, the saviors of Private Ryan. Therefore, our ‘Coming to America’ (with a …

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Ask the Expert-Maria Garnaeva

We are continuing series of the interviews with Kaspersky Lab experts enquiring their opinion regarding cyber-security industry and related threats. Here, Maria Garnaeva. She joined Kaspersky Lab in 2008 as a malware analyst. She focuses on botnet research, malware analysis and providing malware detections. Maria is a graduate of the Bauman Moscow State Technical University. …

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Kaspersky Lab has long been committed to encouraging talent, and enabling students and postgraduates to grow into skilled and respected security professionals. That’s why we stage the annual worldwide event Cybersecurity for the Next Generation (CSNG), which Kaspersky is honored to gather together the very best students who have both knowledge of and experience in …

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Five minutes with Enrique Mafla

Kaspersky Academy continues its  project “Five minutes with…” that will see our partners and renowned university professors answering the Academy’s questions. The next interlocutor Dr. Enrique Mafla who is a professor of Computer Science at Escuela Politecnica Nacional, Quito. He received his MS and PhD from Purdue University. He has published in IEEE Computer, USENIX Journal …

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A Trip to the South

When you’re looking down on this city from the top of the TV tower, you might think you’re in Tokyo. When you’re strolling through the picturesque Gyeongbokgung Palace with its enchanting composite ceilings, refined gates and dragons on silk-covered walls, it can feel like you’re in Beijing. When eating pepper snake soup and rice fried …

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