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The Final Say

Formula Monaco 2015.

Watching the F-1 Grand Prix in Monaco is of course a great idea. But first of all you have to get there. Turns out that’s...

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Grabit and the RATs

Not so long ago, Kaspersky clients in the United States approached Kaspersky researchers with a request to investigate a new type of malicious software that...

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Microsoft HoloLens: How I touched the future

I gather our readers have already heard about some controversial Google Glass experiences. Now, it is time to discuss the response by Microsoft, HoloLens augmented...

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SMB companies and startups: growing secure

For many people security measures are a “secondary accessory,” and not something that should be cared for first and foremost. This is a common, but...

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Rockwell Addresses Weak Password Protections in its HMI Software

Human machine interface software from Rockwell Automation has been patched, protecting users from a vulnerability in the way stored passwords are protected.

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