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The Final Say

Get Your KICS en Route to Industrial Protection.

Hurray! We’ve launched our KICS (Kaspersky Industrial CyberSecurity), the special cyber-inoculation against cyber-disease, which protect factories, power plants, hospitals, airports, hotels, warehouses, your favorite deli,...

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Kaspersky DDoS Intelligence Report for Q1 2016

In Q1, resources in 74 countries were targeted by DDoS attacks. China, the US and South Korea remained the leaders in terms of number of...

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Drones armed with guns, chainsaws and vulnerabilities

We’ve seen drones armed with chainsaws and guns. More alarming though is how easily they can be hacked.

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Cash out with ease: why and how ATMs get attacked

Remember the beginning of Terminator 2: The Judgement Day where John Connor is shown hacking an ATM with an Atari Portfolio?

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FBI Reaffirms Stance Not to Pay Ransomware Attackers

An FBI warning urges organizations to be vigilant about ransomware, and reaffirmed its position that companies should not pay ransoms to recover their files.

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