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The Final Say

Superjet, Fishing and Snooker.

The other day I experienced my first ever flight on a Sukhoi Superjet 100! Here’s my brief report thereon… Well, it was… ok. A bog-standard...

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KSN Report: Mobile ransomware in 2014-2016

The number of users attacked with ransomware is huge. But how big is it? Ransomware seems to be a global threat. But maybe there are...

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Ransomware on mobile devices: knock-knock-block

Mobile ransomware is on the rise. We discuss the most popular ransomware families, speculate on some statistics, and suggest the best means of protection. 

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Whitelisting is not enough

Security should be multilayered, and whitelisting is appropriate as one of the security levels.

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Planes, Trains and Automobiles Increasingly in Cybercriminal’s Bullseye

The transportation industry is increasingly targeted by cybercriminals looking to cause chaos, steal frequent flier miles and extort money with DDoS attacks.

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