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The Final Say

Top-100 Series: The Middle East.

The Middle East is another thoroughly interesting region. Without a doubt its ‘greatest hits’ are of a man-made archaeological-historical nature, comfortably prevailing over its naturally...

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Wake up! You’ve been p0wned

Be careful when selecting apps and when it comes to your much-loved devices.

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Lifehack: Treat your passwords as delicately as you treat your underwear

Kaspersky Lab has recently conducted an unusual research and proved that many users hardly care about security. Here is the reason to create reliable passwords...

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Kaspersky Security Analyst Summit: a few words about trainings

Kaspersky Security Analyst Summit is planned for next February. Among the highlights of SAS 2016 are trainings for the attending participants, with top Kaspersky Lab’s...

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Lenovo Patches Vulnerabilities in System Update Service

Lenovo has patched two serious vulnerabilities in Lenovo System Update that can allow hackers elevate privileges and guess admin passwords.

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