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The Final Say

Knocking on Space’s Door.

The idea of space travel has been knocking about in the back of my brain for quite a few years now, in fact since the...

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Wired Mobile Charging – Is it Safe?

How safe is it to charge your phone using USB ports? Our experiment shows that it is far from being safe – it comes with...

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Hospital learns the hard way why you don’t pay ransomware crooks

Hospital pays ransomware ransom, does not get files back.

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Danti and Co: Beware of Long-Forgotten Vulnerabilities!

One of the most popular techniques used to penetrate corporate defenses is the use of vulnerabilities found in working software, which, in fact, do not...

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Moxa MiiNePort Devices Leak Data, Open to Unauthorized Access

Embedded serial device servers built by Moxa and used in a number of critical industries remain vulnerable to three serious security issues that have not...

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