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The Final Say

And in sports news – Misha is the chess champion!

Oh yes, the boy’s done good ace! Mikhail Antipov, our chess champ, has won the World U20 Championship 2015! How the boy’s come on –...

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Point of view: Hacker Halted 2015

The Hacker Halted USA event organized by the professional organization EC-Council is held once a year and it brings together technical experts in the field...

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The secret life of punctuation marks in the era of Internet

Our vocabulary continues to evolve as we see slang enter our lexicon. From Googling to memes once-thought silly words have become accepted. This evolution is...

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Don’t be afraid of the dark: pitfalls of the smart office

Have you ever considered your smart office from an IT security viewpoint? Did it occur to you that by equipping your office with devices designed...

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Threatpost News Wrap, October 2, 2015

Mike Mimoso and Chris Brook talk about the week in news–the latest Gatekeeper bypass in OS X, Stagefright 2.0, that accidental Windows Update, and Apple’s...

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