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A new LifeJourney has begun …

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High tech makes it happen! 

Mid December 2013, a classroom in Baltimore, Maryland: 22 high school students from Loyola Blakefield High School wait for a Skype call with Sergey Golovanov from our Kaspersky Lab HQ office Moscow. 12 hours time difference!
The idea of this call is to get in touch with the students, to tell them about what it is like to be a Malware Expert, to answer questions these young people had for Sergey.

Remember yourself in your last year of school: did you know what you wanted to be in life? What to study? And once you decided what you studied, did you know what your working day would be like?


100 companies have already created a LifeJourney for High School Students, where they can test drive their future profession. The Kaspersky Malware Expert LifeJourney is one of them.

Sergey spoke with the students for two hours. Many questions were asked. For instance, “What programming language should we focus on in preparation?” and “What does the future of malware look like?” Each time Sergey found an answer.


Steve Morill, Director of Technology of Loyola Blakefield and Leader of the LifeJourney project from the school wrote after the call:

“Thank you for taking the time to speak with our students today. It is the end of the work day here on the east coast and the students were still talking about their experience as they left school this afternoon.

Each of the students took away something different and meaningful for them. All of them agreed that Sergey will be a household name in their minds for quite some time. You made quite the impression on them! No doubt they will have some updated skills and questions for you when you make a visit to the east coast in the spring of 2014. Christel, the boys will be hoping to see a shiny red Ferrari too!


Opportunities like Kaspersky provided today and the LifeJourney platform are what will make the difference in helping students find their passion and lead them to a rewarding career!

I look forward to a continued relationship with you all. Sergey, hopefully some of the young men that you met today will be the solutions to some of the problems we face in the security world today.”

Follow us for more on the Malware Expert LifeJourney …



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