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A Trip to the South

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When you’re looking down on this city from the top of the TV tower, you might think you’re in Tokyo. When you’re strolling through the picturesque Gyeongbokgung Palace with its enchanting composite ceilings, refined gates and dragons on silk-covered walls, it can feel like you’re in Beijing.


When eating pepper snake soup and rice fried with the tentacles of tiny octopuses, maybe you’ll get a flavor of Ho Chi Minh in the heart of this city. And when you get to the university campus and see the main building, you might start thinking about Oxford, Windsor or Salisbury.

However, our exciting Asia-Pacific and MEA Round of the ‘Cybersecurity for the Next Generation’ International Student Conference had nothing to do with the damp and drizzle of England, nor the exotic ‘Middle Kingdom’ or the Land of the Rising Sun.


Kaspersky Lab Education Initiatives  Department invited our students, professors and experts to visit the University of Korea in Seoul, and it was such a good choice …

The following four(!!!) circumstances made the conference one of the most pleasant ever:

– A new city (for us), a worthy new university in a new country. Our geographical expansion is always important and interesting.
– This time – and this fact was mentioned by everyone – young women prevailed among the participants, which created a wonderful aesthetic atmosphere and greatly simplified the job of the photographers, correspondents and PR people (it’s always pleasant and easy to report on beauty). At the same time, it got us thinking about other initially masculine jobs that might benefit from being feminized…


– The conference had a very beautiful and diverse structure. Presentations of gifted students (which included some male students, too) alternated with lectures, workshops and panel discussions featuring experienced, titled, well-known and world-renowned Kaspersky Lab experts.

Kaspersky-(387-of-463)Steven Furnell, Professor of Information Security, Plymouth University

Despite the full and complicated schedule, neither the participants nor the guests lost interest in what was happening. All in all, if Natalya Obelets, the creator of the event, were an architect, she would build something so spectacular that the creators of London City Hall and the Sydney Opera House would cry out with envy.

– True art should have a beautiful memorable finale. In Seoul it was Eugene Kaspersky, the demiurge who was to have the last words: “…And it was good”. By the end of his speech the audience almost achieved nirvana and left the hall, enlightened and singing the praises of Kaspersky Lab.

Kaspersky-(156-of-14)Eugene Kaspersky with participants and guests of the conference

Now the Education Initiatives Department has to maintain this high level and aim even higher in future. Just a week from now we go to Georgetown University, Washington, DC. It will not be easy, but we are not afraid. 

If Eugene Kaspersky is with us – who can be against us?


See more photos from the event here


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