Kaspersky Academy Mission:

Driving the best cybersecurity education to save the world

  • We promote knowledge of cybersecurity worldwide by supporting young talent in the field of IT security.
  • We search for and encourage talented young people to further their knowledge and skills in cybersecurity.
  • We believe that a new generation of highly skilled specialists is the key to a secure future.

Kaspersky Lab for Education

We are living in an era of astounding discoveries in the field of information technology.  However, these positive discoveries are accompanied by just as astounding negative developments, as cybercriminals and those behind cyberwarfare make great strides in their dark arts too.  It is therefore imperative that we stand up to the numerous threats these harmful elements pose.  This means not only being able to protect ourselves but also marshaling the full potential of young scientific minds to strike back.

This latter task is particularly pressing given the relative shortage of cyber-experts in general, with both government organizations and companies actively seeking them out  Kaspersky Lab’s aim is to facilitate the education of the next generation of cyber-experts – digital natives fluent in the Internet of Things and other features of the cyber-future – because without them our mission to make the world a safer place is impossible.

As a leading developer of secure content management solutions and –  if you’ll forgive my immodesty – pioneer in the ongoing fight against malware deployed in cyberattacks and cyberwarfare, Kaspersky Lab is honored to gather together the best of the world’s students who have both knowledge of and experience in information security.

Eugene Kaspersky Chairman and CEO of Kaspersky Lab

Main Goals & Objectives


  • Nurture a culture of cybersecurity awareness among the students.
  • Provide a platform for young talent to share their respective knowledge and experiences, to explore innovative ideas and drive cybersecurity technology development.
  • Train and develop highly skilled cybersecurity professionals.


  • Attract young people into careers in cybersecurity.
  • Increase the competency of educational institutions and teaching staff and their contribution to educating children and youth about cybersecurity.
  • Integrate cybersecurity courses/learning activities into the educational system and organize cybersecurity awareness sessions.
  • Encourage young talent to explore new technologies and software solutions related to cybersecurity.
  • Establish educational collaborative partnerships with state educational authorities, administrations of educational institutions and other organizations involved in educational activities.
  • Foster communication with a wide range of specialists interested in implementation of educational programs on cybersecurity; coordination and support of the related educational activities.

Target Audiences

  • Students (IT & Non-IT) /High school, college and university level/
  • Teachers/Educators/Professors (IT & Non-IT)
  • Administration of the educational institutions /Rectors, vice-rectors, deans, heads of EDU departments/
  • Representatives of the education authorities /Senior decision makers in education/
  • Heads of IT departments in the EDU institutions & authorities
  • Opinion leaders in education

Regular Educational Activities

  • Educational activities and short-term training courses on cybersecurity in the Academy’s classrooms.
  • Webinars and video broadcasting.
  • Business games & case studies.
  • Online educational games and simulations with feedback.
  • Career-guidance meet-ups.
  • Excursions for young people to get acquainted with the activities of company’s departments.
  • Meet-ups of professors & industry leaders and cybersecurity expert.

Kaspersky Academy Partnership Program

The mission of the partnership program is to help humanity withstand the cyber threats facing the world by combining efforts in education and research and promoting cybersecurity culture worldwide.

Who Is It For?

  • Kaspersky Academy Partners, mostly leading universities.
  • Kaspersky Academic Alliance Partners, leading companies in their various fields of operation interested in cybersecurity education.
  • Individuals demonstrating their passion for cybersecurity technologies, goodwill and willingness to save the world together.

Main Streams

Sharing Expertise

With invaluable first-hand experience of the cybersecurity field we help our partners to develop their capacity through a set of cybersecurity awareness training programs and joint education activities.

Talent Development

Together with our partners we focus on developing a world-class skilled cybersecurity workforce and fostering leaders of change by strengthening existing education programs, introducing new education formats, carrying out joint professional development for teachers, supplementary education for students and internship programs.


We encourage our partners to join efforts in carrying out cutting-edge research activities in the field of cybersecurity with our best-in-class research teams.


We offer our partners the chance to play key roles in the holding of cybersecurity days, contests, hackathons for students and young scientists all over the world and provide them with marketing support.

Building the Community

Together with our partners we build and support a worldwide community of talented cybersecurity ambassadors who bring their experience, passion and cybersafety culture to society.