We are Kaspersky. Academy

An educational project that appeared thanks to Kaspersky’s experience and expertise.

Our team has conquered companies, universities and people’s hearts with its creativity, production and unconventional approach to learning. We decided to reciprocate the love and share our knowhow.

Our speakers

Andrey Suvorov Head of Kaspersky OS Business Unit
Genie Gan Head of Public Affairs, APAC & META
Svetlana Dryagina Sales programs Development manager
Kai Schuricht Senior Incident Response Specialist

to make the world safe

  • 70+ university
  • students
    71 countries
  • 10+ years of
Collaboration with universities
Student contests
Safe Board internships

These projects help experts develop, and we have more of them.

We create courses only if we:

  • See demand from the market and students
  • Have expertise in the field, or found speakers with the necessary experience
  • Have a consistently structured program with no gaps in the material
  • Have developed practical assignments and added real cases to the program. Otherwise what’s the point?
  • Have set up a platform and resources for communication with students and extensive feedback

And who is working on it?

A team of 4000+ people

Kaspersky.Academy speakers are team leaders, line directors, leading specialists and invited experts in the field of information security. They speak at international conferences, lecture at universities, have received awards for workplace cases, and are constantly topping up their knowledge.

How to partner up with us?

If you want to become our partner and create something special together, write to Academy@kaspersky.com

We are open to collaborations with educational projects and universities. We love taking part in themed events and festivals.