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Kaspersky Academy

Cybersecurity for IT Online

  • Length

    12 months

  • For whom

    Generalist Enterprise IT professionals

The training equips IT professionals with practical skills on how to recognize a possible attack scenario in an ostensibly benign PC incident, and how to collect incident data for handover to IT Security. It also creates a passion for hunting out malicious symptoms – cementing the role of all IT team members as the first line of cybersecurity defense.

This is a completely online training – trainees only need Internet access and Chrome browser on their PC. Each of 6 modules consists of a short theoretical overview, practical tips and 4-13 exercises – each practicing certain skill and teaching how to use IT Security tools and software in everyday work.

The course is designed to take about a year of study. We recommend that you complete 1 exercise per week. Each exercise will take you from 5 to 45 minutes.

For Whom

  • Generalist Enterprise IT professionals

What you will learn

  • Verification the existence or absence of incident related to malware
  • Working with event monitors of the systems and sandboxes. Using statistical engines (virustotal). Removing PuPs
  • Incident localization, Data collection, Collecting digital evidence
  • Phishing emails lookup. Verification of the incident related to phishing. OSINT
  • Search for vulnerable and non-standard network services; Configure systems according to the "default deny" principle; Search for signs of an attack in PowerShell logs
  • Safely check for password hashes in a database; Search for inconsistencies between recommended and actual domain policies; Assess the security of Active Directory settings

Education Programm

Kaspersky is launching first-on-the-market online skills training for generalist enterprise IT professionals. It consists of 6 modules:

  • Malicious software
  • Potentially unwanted programs and files
  • Investigation basics
  • Phishing incident response
  • Server security
  • Active Directory Security

After each module you will receive a certificate of completion of the module. 

You can also get acquainted with a more detailed course program