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Cyber Capacity Building Program

  • Length

    Access 6 months

  • Result

    PDF document of completion signed by the course leader(s)

  • For whom

    Government organizations, including government CERTs, Academia and research institutions, Other companies

For Whom

  • Government organizations, including government CERTs

    Government organizations, no matter their size and capacities, should build trusted and cyber-resilient ICT infrastructures to mitigate cybersecurity risks that may impact the public security, economic and social well-being of their citizens.

  • Academia and research institutions

    These organizations often handle a lot of personal or even sensitive data but are very often under-resourced to afford dedicated cybersecurity specialists. Kaspersky’s Cyber Capacity Building Program is a cost-effective solution to address this problem.

  • Other companies

    This training is useful to private organizations, including small and medium companies, and particularly to information security professionals, managers and executives. Understanding the basics of software verification will improve their supply risk management processes and secure their systems.

Our Experts

Igor Kumagin

Igor Kumagin

Senior Project Manager, Public Relations

Anastasiya Kazakova

Anastasiya Kazakova

Senior Public Affairs Manager

Alexey Shchukarev

Alexey Shchukarev

Senior Information Security Architect

Roland Sako

Roland Sako

Security Researcher, Kaspersky ICS CERT

Education Programm

  • Building capacity to identify, evaluate and estimate risks related to external applications in ICT infrastructure

  • Managing identified risks and assessing the integrity and security of external applications

  • Forming a list of requirements for external applications to minimize cybersecurity risks related to them

  • Developing an understanding of industry best practices for building a secure ICT ecosystem with regard to external applications

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