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Cybersecurity. Entry Level

  • Length

    1-2 weeks

  • For whom

    Students and Professionals

This course focuses on providing basic cybersecurity knowledge. It covers all the main aspects of cybersecurity: key definitions, cyber threats, types of cyberattacks and attackers tools, protection from cyberattacks on personal and corporate levels, and career paths in cybersecurity. The course requires basic knowledge of information architecture, operating systems, executable files and networks and protocols.

For Whom

  • IT students

    Students and professionals with zero or minimal experience of information security and information technology.

  • Specialists

    Everyone who is involved in the analysis, architecture, development and deployment of cybersecurity centers.

What you will learn

  • Knowledge of fundamental cyber security terminology
  • Orientation in the cyber threat landscape
  • Understanding of cyber attack mechanics and attacker tools
  • Knowledge of cyber security team roles
  • Understanding of the functioning of cyber security services
  • Knowledge of personal cyber security measures

Our Experts

Marina Tyuleneva

Marina Tyuleneva

Kaspersky Academy Trainer

Education Programm

  • Information system security hierarchy
  • General cybersecurity concepts
  • Networks and web threats
  • Opportunistic attacks
  • Phishing
  • Cybersecurity teams
  • Malware analysis
  • Digital forensics
  • Cybersecurity as a Service
  • APT & darknet markets
  • The future of the cybersecurity market
  • Cybersecurity measures
  • Cybersecurity Professions & Requirements

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Course results

  • Certificate

Training Request

The course is held in group format for companies and universities. If you would like us to run a course for your students or employees, please fill out the short form and we will contact you without fail