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Cybersecurity for Executives Online

  • Length

    5 hours

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  • For whom

    Top managers

  • Language


18 Topics. 50 Video Lessons. Microlearning

  • Simple, important, and understandable material. Course focuses only on important and business related aspects of cybersecurity in a simple language
  • Convenient format. LMS adapted for both mobile and desktop formats. Content is in the microlearning format with tests for knowledge consolidation
  • Based on deep knowledge of top managers needs. Kaspersky top managers are the authors of the course. They included in the course those topics that show the connection between cyber threats and business
  • Practical guidelines and check lists. Course contains ready to use materials that could be used on a daily basis and distributed throughout the company


  • Access - Six months from the moment of course activation to completion of your training
  • Language - Course delivered in English with English subtitles
  • Pace - Self-guided learning that fits around your life
  • Guided videos - 50+ videos to guide you through the course
  • Learning environment - Browser-based via desktop, mobile or tablet
  • Certificate of completion - Kaspersky-branded document certifying the completion of the course, signed by the course leader(s) on a PDF

How much does the training cost?

2 220 $

B2C price (with VAT)

On demand

B2B price

What you will learn

  • An overview of cybersecurity as a system
  • Learn how cyber risks affect businesses and how they can be managed
  • Explore the role of executives in cyber security
  • Learn the principles of cyber attacks and attacker tools
  • Learn how to protect oneself, one's personnel and company from cyber attacks
  • Examinate what actions to take if a cyber attack occurs
  • Have an overview of cyberimmunity and the future of cybersecurity

Our Experts

Eugene Kaspersky

Eugene Kaspersky

Chief Executive Officer of Kaspersky

Andrey Suvorov

Andrey Suvorov

Head of Kaspersky OS Business Unit

Genie Gan

Genie Gan

Head of Public Affairs, APAC & META

Igor Kuznetsov

Igor Kuznetsov

Director, Global Research & Analysis Team

Igor is the Director of the Global Research & Analysis Team (GReAT) at Kaspersky. His research focuses on investigating malware campaigns and employing reverse engineering techniques to understand advanced malware. His profound knowledge and skills have proven instrumental in understanding and countering complex cyber threats. He has more than 20 years of reverse engineering experience. Igor specializes in investigating malware campaigns and reverse engineering advanced malware. His areas of expertise include cyber-espionage and highly-targeted attacks, advanced threat actors and APTs; cyber-warfare, cyber-weapons such as Stuxnet, Duqu, Flame, Gauss; ATM security. Igor regularly provides training sessions on advanced malware analysis.
Chris Connell

Chris Connell

Managing Director, APAC

Lavinia Rossi

Lavinia Rossi

Head of Enterprise Sales, Global Sales

Yuliya Novikova

Yuliya Novikova

Head of Security Services Analysis

Vladimir Dashchenko

Vladimir Dashchenko

Cybersecurity Expert

Ivan Kwiatkowski

Ivan Kwiatkowski

Security Researcher

Vasily Bushmarin

Vasily Bushmarin

Senior Product Trainer

Victor Chebyshev

Victor Chebyshev

Security Researcher

Victor Chebyshev is a s an experienced specialist with deep knowledge of Android, Linux and Mac OS malware. Victor regularly provides customer training on these subjects and has presented his malware research at various cybersecurity conferences, like the SAS, the RSA Conference etc.

Education Programm

1. Introduction to cybersecurity

  • What cybersecurity is
  • Why managers should be involved in the area of cybersecurity
  • Intro by Eugene Kaspersky: from cyber defence to cyber immunity

2. Cyber risks for businesses

  • What are the costs of cybersecurity risks for business
  • Methods and approaches in cyber risk management
  • Cybersecurity risks in practice: successful and failed cases

3. Cyber attacks and attackers' tools

  • Cyberattackers' tools: social engineering, malware, exploits, the dark market
  • Cyberattacks: types, factors that reduce their success, mass and targeted attacks, information leaks

4. Protecting yourself and your company from cyberattacks

  • A manager's cyber hygiene
  • Staff cybersecurity training and awareness
  • Cybersecurity at different levels of a company's maturity
  • Cybersecurity audit and cybersecurity services

5. Managing consequences of cyberattacks

  • How to react and respond to a cyber attack
  • Сyber crisis management plan 
  • Incident communication

6. The future of cybersecurity

  • Cyber threats: statistics and attack vectors
  • Industry 4.0. and the Internet of Things
  • Cyberimmunity

Who is it for?

C- level executives of enterprises and SMB companies

This course provides an essential basis for the safe management of businesses & teams, allowing participants to gain comprehensive knowledge on how to build an effective cyber-defense, manage cyber risks and make strategic decisions in conjunction with the IT and cybersecurity departments.

How you’ll learn

Guided video lectures
LMS adapted for both mobile and desktop formats. Content is in the microlearning format (3-6 minutes videos) with tests and assignments for better knowledge consolidation.

Iterative learning
The course is designed with an iterative learning approach with consistent modules based on specialist overviews of each task, practical work in a virtual lab and detailed expert solutions.

Practical guidelines and checklists
The course contains ready-to-use materials that can be used in a daily workflow and distributed throughout the company.

You can also get acquainted with a more detailed course program