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  • Length

    2 days

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  • For whom

    Team leaders, sales managers,
    business development managers

Customized interactive workshop provides each manager with an action-oriented framework that increases both the quantity and quality of performance conversations. Workshop bases on Situational leadership personal assessment result and matches an individual’s performance readiness level for a specific task with the appropriate leadership style.

For sales managers, business developers or any professionals with customer-facing role, where demonstrating value to a prospect or customer is an important part of what you do.

Up to 15 participants.

For Whom

  • Manager

    Marketing departments and all specialists who want to promote their ideas not only within the company, but also outside of it.

What you will learn

  • Get to know your DISC profile and get a report of your strengths and recommendations for further development
  • Analyze the key characteristics of each personality type according to DISC and strategies for effective interaction with them
  • You will be able to choose the optimal communication strategies for different types of interlocutors
  • You will understand why conflict situations arise and how to resolve them more effectively

Our Experts

Svetlana Dryagina

Svetlana Dryagina

Sales programs Development manager

Education Programm

  • Pre-training assignment: taking the DISC diagnostic questionnaire and receiving individual reports
  • DISC model: methodology, 4 styles and their key characteristics
  • Interpretation of individual profiles: behavioral features in normal and stressful situations, identification of strengths and limitations of each type

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Course results

  • Certificate

Training Request

The course is held in group format for companies and universities. If you would like us to run a course for your students or employees, please fill out the short form and we will contact you without fail