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  • Gamified Assessment

    Short game for all employees who want to gain a full understanding of what cybersecurity awareness is.

What you will learn

  • There are three scenarios for the assessment representing familiar situations that deal with specific cybersecurity skills: Working in open space, While travelling, and the Home office
  • Each employee gets a scenario with 12 random situations that deal with specific cybersecurity skills. Employees should go through all of them, assessing whether the character’s actions are risky or not and expressing the level of confidence in their response using chips.
  • For each answer, the user earns a certain number of points. When calculating user’s final score, the system takes into the consideration both the answer, whether it’s is right or wrong, and the confidence level.
  • To prevent cheating and make the assessment more interesting scenario types are provided to employees randomly. 12 situations for each scenario are also randomly chosen from the library of 225 which means that fellow users will have different scenarios for evaluation.
  • After users complete all the zones, they get the overall score that is an assessment of their cybersecurity awareness level and feedback on every zone, with explanations and useful tips.
  • On completion of the assessment, a certificate is awarded. It can be downloaded and shared.
  • Administrator of the assessment gets a report of all the users with the detailed results on every topic including scores, number of right answers and confidence level. This clear feedback on employees’ level of cybersecurity competence helps to plan and set up further security awareness training more effectively.

Education Programm

Strong cybersecurity is one of the most important, yet weak, areas of many companies today.

Сompanies around the world are working hard on cybersecurity, developing increasingly complex and efficient protection systems. Yet there remains a hole in the cybersecurity fabric of every single company that cannot be fixed by technical measures.

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The course is held in group format for companies and universities. If you would like us to run a course for your students or employees, please fill out the short form and we will contact you without fail