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Kaspersky Gamified Assessment Tool (GAT) lets you quickly estimate the levels of your employees’ cybersecurity knowledge. The engaging, interactive approach eliminates the boredom often found in classic assessment tools. Taking employees just 15 minutes to go through 12 everyday situations related to cybersecurity, assessing whether the character’s actions are risky or not and expressing the level of confidence in their

After completion, users receive a certificate with a score that reflects their cybersecurity awareness level. They also get feedback on every zone, with explanations and useful tips.

GAT’s gamified approach motivates employees while at the same time demonstrating that by resolving certain cybersecurity situations, there may be gaps in their knowledge. This is also useful for IT/HR departments to gain a better understanding of the cybersecurity awareness levels in their organization — and can serve as an introductory step to a wider education campaign.

For Whom

  • Employees who want to gain a full understanding of what cybersecurity awareness is

Education Programm

  • Passwords and accounts
  • Email
  • Web browsing
  • Social networks & Messengers
  • PC security
  • Mobile devices

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