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    Online digital security training suitable for all employees.

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  • KAOT adapts to the learner, presenting content only when necessary; students receive follow-up in areas in which they struggle, filling skill gaps and building greater competency quickly and effectively. At a high level of competency, certain knowledge becomes second nature, allowing actions to become automatic and habitual. This level of knowledge mastery is known as «automaticity.» KAOT builds automatic cybersafe behavior that is constantly reinforced by «refresh» activities when a learner might be at risk of forgetting the content. The result is an optimized path to learner proficiency.

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How does adaptive learning work?

An innovative cognitive approach lies at the heart of the adaptive learning. It’s grounded in research on human factors and adaptive algorithms and contributes to a personalized, tutor-like teaching experience at scale that take into consideration the abilities and needs of each learner. It allows learners to move forward according to their competences, using different approaches to the same topic when needed and constantly assessing whether the learner is progressing. By building an individual learning path, training fosters greater competency in cybersecurity essentials, contributing to a safe corporate cyber environment.

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The course is held in group format for companies and universities. If you would like us to run a course for your students or employees, please fill out the short form and we will contact you without fail