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Malware Reverse Engineering (Train the Trainer session)

  • Length

    44 hours

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Requirement for participants
  • Good knowledge of operating systems basic concepts
  • Good knowledge of high-level and low-level programming

For Whom

  • Malware Analyst

    Students with a good knowledge of basic operating system concepts, high-level and low-level system programming. Programming experience in C/C++/assembler and any scripting language (Python, Ruby, Javascript, etc.) is highly desirable. Knowledge of cryptography and the basics of networking is welcome.

What you will learn

  • Basic practical skills in reverse engineering
  • Basic practical skills in malware analysis.

Our Experts

Victor Chebyshev

Victor Chebyshev

Lead Security Researcher

Education Programm

First, students will learn the basic concepts and terms and will then get acquainted with the basics of the Assembly language. Listeners will also learn various methods and tools for static and dynamic analysis of malicious executable files for various platforms — Windows, Linux, macOS and Android.

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Course results

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Training Request

The course is held in group format for companies and universities. If you would like us to run a course for your students or employees, please fill out the short form and we will contact you without fail