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Vulnerability Discovery Through Fuzzing

  • Length

    3 days

  • Result


  • For whom

    Anyone involved into the process of defining,
    developing and testing Windows-based applications

For Whom

  • ICS Specialist

    Anyone involved in designing, building and testing Windows-based applications.

What you will learn

  • With this training, you will learn the modern methodologies, approaches, tools and techniques used in identifying 0 day vulnerabilities through fuzzing. This course is mainly composed of practical tasks against real targets, specially chosen among those in which our team identified vulnerabilities.

Our Experts

Semen Kort

Semen Kort

Principal Security Analyst

Education Programm

    After completing this course, you should:
  • Understand the different fuzzing techniques and when to use them
  • Choose the appropriate tools and prepare a target for fuzzing
  • Reverse engineer communication protocols
  • Generate interesting fuzzing input according to the target
  • Triage and analyze crashes
  • Identify 0 day vulnerabilities in compiled binaries

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Course results

  • Certificate

Training Request

The course is held in group format for companies and universities. If you would like us to run a course for your students or employees, please fill out the short form and we will contact you without fail