Online Reverse Engineering Bootcamp (Registration is closed)

# Intensive online format: 5 weeks of practice and learning
# Recorded video lessons & online workshops with the expert
# Hands-on virtual lab
# Great Experience of Kaspersky in RE
# Mid-level: programming skills required

Apply till January 25, 2023 Registration is closed 
Bootcamp starts on February 1, 2023

Participation is free of charge 

About Bootcamp

Reverse engineering is one of the most in-demand types of cybersecurity expertise on the market. According to Kaspersky, about 30% of ransomware Trojan victims are corporate users. So businesses need complex protection from malware.
Skilled reverse engineers aren’t born - they’re made by experience. This bootcamp will give you both concentrated knowledge and skills of reverse engineering and uncover the profession’s prospects. In particular, the bootcamp opens the door to the field for reverse engineering, a core skill for those wanting to build a career as a malware analyst or threat hunter. Our bootcamp is 100% practical. Starting from the basic concepts, you will gradually move through Intel assembly instructions, distinctive calling conventions and memory types, executable analysis and more to finally reverse ‘real’ malware and solidify their knowledge and skills.

Bootcamp Features

  • Granted access to the platform for 3 months
  • 10 video lessons of 1.5 hours delivered in English with subtitles
  • Online broadcasts with Kaspersky experts with great experience
  • Hands-on virtual lab
  • Tests and PDF downloads of training materials & tips
  • Community chat of students and Kaspersky Team
  • Motivating sessions about the profession prospects
  • Training effectiveness controlled by Kaspersky Team
  • Certificate of completion

After the bootcamp you will

  • Gain the initial knowledge needed for malware analysis
  • Understand the main Intel assembly instructions
  • Understand different calling conventions (stdcall, fastcall) and memory types (automatic, dynamic, static)
  • Analyze executables generated by different compilers to become unafraid of more “esoteric” ones 

For whom

Students of technical vocational schools, colleges or universities, polytechnics
Mid-level programming skills required

Skills and knowledge that you should have in order to participate in the bootcamp

  • Upper-intermediate English level
  • Knowledge of programming concepts
  • Familiarity with C and C++
  • Familiarity with Rust and Go (optional)  
  • Performing basic operations with the Visual Studio IDE

Bootcamp’s Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) Section

1. Q: How are participants selected?
A: Participants are selected based on their skills and knowledge enumerated  to qualify for the Bootcamp. Motivation also plays a vital role in the selection!

2. Q: When will the selected applicants be notified? 
A: All applicants will be notified of the result by 27 January 2023.  

3. Q: How long is the duration of the Bootcamp:
A: The Bootcamp will run for five (5) weeks, from 1 February to 15 March 2023. However, participants will have access to the platform for three (3) months until 30 April 2023.

4. Q: Should an applicant meet all the technical requirements in order to qualify for the Bootcamp?
A: Yes, participants must possess the required technical skills to keep up with the Bootcamp.

5. Q: What is the language of instruction?
A: All sessions will be conducted in English, and the teaching materials will likewise be in English. 

6. Q: How does a participant earn a certificate of completion?
A: Each participant must complete all the modules and pass the tests. They must also attend at least 3 of the 5 live sessions to receive a certificate.

7. Q: Will the recording be made available should participants miss a live session?
A: Yes, it will be made available for participants.