Kids’ Cyber Resilience – Face-to-face Workshop for Educators (Philippines)

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About the event

Kaspersky collaborates with the Schools Division Office – Valenzuela of the Philippine Department of Education in organizing the Cyber Resilience Workshop for Educators in Metro Manila this September.

The workshop aims at helping Filipino educators learn the basics of cyber hygiene, get familiar with Kaspersky’s free tools and resources for teaching online safety in the classroom, and how to support kids become cyber-resilient.

This is part of Kaspersky’s global Kids’ Cyber Resilience Project.
The Kids’ Cyber Resilience Project aims at educating children on how to keep themselves safe online while helping them build resilience from within. This Project is a multi-stakeholder project with parents, educators, students, NGO and government representatives.

At Kaspersky, we believe that it is our collective responsibility to foster a digital environment that nurtures children’s well-being and development, contributing to healthier digital communities for our future. When we equip children and young people with the skills to become cyber-resilient, they know better how to keep themselves safe in the digital world.
  • I. Identify & Understand Issues

    i. Agenda-setting

    - About the project

    ii. Cyber threats in schools (statistics, threats, attack vectors)

    - Privacy risks

    - Online fraud (popular attack methods & how to be safe)

    - Cyber bullying

    - Misinformation

    iii. Issue-based analysis; provide context first to justify why it is important to practice cyber hygiene

  • II. Response & Recover Mechanisms

    i. Enumerate ways on how kids should respond to different cyber threats (best practices)
    ii. Scenario-based exercises
  • III. Prevent & Learn

    i. Cyber hygiene

    - Password security (how to make secure passwords, how to protect them)

    - Safe internet usage (how to surf the web safely)

    - Social media safe usage (how to protect account, what to post, how to manage your digital footprint)

  • IV. Building Kids’ Cyber Resilience

    i. Understand behaviors online and how they manifest the same offline
    ii. Case studies

    Workshop Goals

    At the end of the workshop, participants are expected to:

    • Identify the online threats their students face;
    • Understand the different forms of online threats and the ways how your students should respond to these threats;
    • Enumerate ways to support kids on how to recover from unpleasant experience online;
    • Learn best practices among peers and from Kaspersky, and to apply what you have learned to your practice.

    Date and Venue

    • Friday, 15 September 2023; North EDSA in Metro Manila
    • 9:00 PM to 5:00 PM

    How to participate

    To participate in this event, teachers must be officially nominated by their schools. For enquiries, email us at and at

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