SecureEd: Navigating the AI Frontier in Cybersecurity (and) Education

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About the event

This year’s Academic Partners’ Conference explores the intersection of artificial intelligence (AI), cybersecurity, and education.

It gives emphasis on the practical aspects of AI and cybersecurity within the context of education, focusing on how these technologies are being used today to shape the learning landscape and ensure a safe digital environment for students and educators alike. It allows for discussions on current challenges, best practices, and innovative solutions while encouraging collaboration and knowledge sharing among stakeholders.

Future Trends and Innovations in AI and Education:

Exploring emerging AI technologies and their potential impact on the future of education, along with associated security implications.

Collaboration Between Industry, Academia, and Government:

Emphasising the importance of a multistakeholder approach to address cybersecurity challenges in education. It attempts to answer how a collaborative effort can be effective in ensuring that we all can navigate AI safely and responsibly.

AI for Cybersecurity in Education:

Discussing how AI can be used to enhance cybersecurity in educational institutions, including AI-powered threat detection, anomaly detection, and incident response. Explore the role of AI in preventing cyber-attacks, detecting security breaches, and improving overall cybersecurity posture.

  • Lectures
  • Panel Discussion
  • Networking


    1:30 PM Arrival & Registration

    2:00 PM Introduction Ms Trishia Octaviano, Academic Affairs Manager for Asia-Pacific (APAC), Kaspersky

    2: 15 PM Future Trends and Innovations in AI and Education Ms Evgeniya Russkikh, Head of Cybersecurity Education & Academic Affairs, Kaspersky

    2:45 PM Collaboration and Information Sharing for Managing the New Era of GenAI Mr Ethan Seow, Founder, Centre for AI Leadership, Singapore

    3:30 PM Coffee/Tea Break

    4:00 PM Tango of Threats: AI's Dual Role in Cyber Defense and Offense | Mr Ahmad Fareed Fauzi Mohamad Radzi, Security Researcher, Global Research and Analysis Team (GReAT), Kaspersky

    4:45 PM Panel Discussion: The pivotal role of cybersecurity education in navigating both the opportunities and perils that AI brings to the forefront Moderator: Mr Jesmond Chang, Head of Corporate Communications for APAC, Kaspersky

    5:30 PM End of ProgrammeDinner  

    Conference Venue

    Element Kuala Lumpur

    8, Jalan Binjai, Ilham Tower, Kuala Lumpur, MY 50450

    Main Conference: @ Level 38, Merdeka 118 Ballroom

    Post Conference Dinner: @ Level 40, TRACE Restaurant

    Where will the event take place?


    Malaysia, Kuala Lumpur, 50450 IB Tower, 8, Lrg Binjai, Menara Ilham Element Kuala Lumpur

    +60 3-2771 3388

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