Training Lab on Cyber Immunity and Kaspersky Operating System

About the event

The goal is to provide a comprehensive view of Cyber Immunity and KasperskyOS both in theory and practice. Product managers and developers behind KasperskyOS will tell you about:

  • The idea of Cyber Immunity and how it benefit software development industry

  • Practice - architecture, functionality, specs, techniques and methods.

  • Applications - Cyber Immune Gateways and thin clients

  • Education – how engineers can learn Cyber Immune approach to software development and roles STEM Universities can play.

You'll also take part in a Cyber Immunity workshop.
Supervised by a senior software architect, you'll capture the essence of Cyber Immunity design principles and techniques to make software resistible to cyber-attacks. We will practice on creating Cyber Immune drone.

We will gladly hear you out on how Cyber Immunity and KasperskyOS could be taught at universities, and what assistance we can provide. You are welcome to engage in brainstorming on this subject.
The training is conducted by Kaspersky Lab specialists who apply new technologies in practice.

  • Format: in person
  • 11:00 to 17:00 daily

For whom

  • Professors

  • University teachers

Event results

  • You'll be granted a certificate upon completing the program


  • Vladimir Malygin

    Product Manager

  • Alexander Vinyavsky

    Technology Evangelist

  • Sergey Sobolev

    Senior Information Security Architect

Event program

Oct, 23

  • 11:00

    Day 1. Introduction to Cyber Immunity and KasperskyOS

    11:00 Training lab opening 
    11:30 The role of Cyber Immunity in the era of digital transformation
    12:10 Introduction to the concepts of Cyber Immunity
    12:50 Introduction to KasperskyOS
    14:45 Practical application of KasperskyOS: thin clients, IoT gateways, automotive, smartphones
    16:20 Discussion: Practical application of Cyber Immunity. Who may be interested in it and why?

Oct, 24

  • 11:00

    Day 2. Deep dive into Cyber Immunity and KasperskyOS

     11:00 Second day opening

     11:20 Implementation of Cyber Immunity as security as a code

     13:00 Training on the basics of Cyber Immunity

     15:30 Workshop: Building Cyber Immunity into education. Cyber Immunity training tools and materials

     18:00 Summing up the results of Training Lab

     18:30 Certification

Please note that there are a number of prerequisites for participants. Be sure to brush up on the following skills:
  • C, C++, Python

Where will the event take place?


United Arab Emirates, Dubai, 19282 Emirates Road, Dubai International Academic City Zayed University

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