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Kaspersky Lab to lead a Cybersecurity LifeJourney

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Kaspersky Lab helps to lead a LifeJourney to inspire the American nation’s youth around cybersecurity. Kaspersky Lab’s LifeJourney Mentor  joined teachers, principals and students on stage for the ‘Building the Cyber Generation’ session. During the ribbon cutting ceremony, DHS Branch Chief of National Cybersecurity Education, Montana Williams,  presented the nation’s first Cyber resumes to the first high school boy and girl.



LifeJourney is a web-based, interactive classroom experience where schools enable their students to ‘test drive’ future careers in cybersecurity by enabling them to live a day in the life of one of America’s cybersecurity leaders. Students are able to test drive over 100 different cybersecurity LifeJourneys (e.g., Digital Forensic Analyst, Cyber Threat Manager, CISO, SCIF Designer, etc.) from leading companies like Kaspersky Lab, enabling them to experience many different cyber careers, and thereby understanding the skills and ‘journey’ necessary to get an internship and a future job.


Commenting on the upcoming LifeJourney, Eugene Kaspersky, co-founder and CEO of Kaspersky Lab, said: “We are living in the cyber era, when the demand for security specialists on the job market is constantly growing. The mission of our company is no less than to save the world, and that is impossible without proper education of prospective cyber students. We are happy to help those in high school become smarter, more proficient and able to shape a better future – one from which we will all benefit, and I am sure that our LifeJourney project will become one more successful step in educating future cyber security leaders.”

Natalya Obelets, Deputy Head of Education Initiatives of Kaspersky Lab commented: “Cyber threats are evolving at a high speed and unfortunately it doesn’t look like there will be any let up in cybercriminal activity. Against this background it is vital to expose the younger generation to the careers available in the field of cybersecurity, and we are excited to see how our role with LifeJourney will help that mission considerably.”

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Malware Expert – LifeJourney video with Mentor: Sergey Golovanov

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