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Android smartphones and tablets are very popular among students for several reasons. First, they are relatively affordable. Second, they are flexible, so users can choose the most suitable set-up for them. But there’s a catch. Google OS has limited in-built protection, so it’s up to the owner to enhance it. Installing programs can affected the …

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By Maria Karnaukh Genius is often simple. Those ideas that ultimately reap millions of dollars are usually found hiding in plain view – unnoticed until their time is right. Here are several examples of exotic startups to inspire you. They include are spectacles for large heads, a pet transport service, DNA photo portraits and eco-friendly …

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Victor Yablokov continues his story: ‘The creator’s path… A student’s guide to software development’, in which Victor shares his experience of becoming an expert. Don’t reinvent the wheel My next task was to write a program called “Life”, based on one of the simplest models of evolution. I did it pretty quickly because “Life” was …

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We’ve all seen those photos with lines and lines of people waiting for an interview, and we’re used to LinkedIn telling us how this vacancy is “on fire!” because more than 300 people applied for it. At Kaspersky Lab we often have this kind of demand. Is it even worth applying for popular jobs? The …

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Mobile devices have become an inseparable part of our life. It’s an indisputable fact. We don’t just trust them with phone calls and messages, but our money and personal documents. Where might that take us? Let’s have a look. Phishing is currently is the most widespread type of IT threat facing all users, without exception. …

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    Protecting Android devices

    Android smartphones and tablets are very popular among students for several reasons. First, they are...


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