Secur’IT Cup’22 Finals - On Air Soon!

The international student competition of projects Secur'IT Cup'22 continues.

Soon, on December 14, 2022, we will find out the names of the winners in the online grand final! 10 teams from Singapore, Egypt, Kuwait, Kenya and Russia made it to the final. 3 out of 10 teams won the regional stages of the competition, which were held in the regions of APAC, MENA & Africa, Russia & CIS.

36 teams from more than 15 countries took part in the regional stages. The teams developed their own projects within one of the four tracks of the competition: mobile secure, router security, chess anti-cheating and a special nomination - family care.

The winners of the regional stages won a prize of $1,000 and an invitation to continue developing the project and submit it to the international stage for selection to the final. The teams that took first place automatically advanced to the final of the competition.

Anyone can connect to the online final of the competition, registration at the link