Kaspersky and the GEIGER project: IT security for small and micro businesses goes through training

Kaspersky is part of GEIGER, a project promoted by the European Commission to train and protect small and micro enterprises from cyber threats and to improve their privacy management.

Responsible for the "Gamified Educational Contents" section of the project, Kaspersky has developed new customized scenarios in gamification solutions for cyber security training: Kaspersky Interactive Protection Simulation (KIPS) and Cyber Safety Management Games (CSMG).

Kaspersky is one of 18 organisations in the consortium that developed the innovative GEIGER project. Launched in June 2020 as part of HORIZON 2020, a program promoted by the European Commission for the funding of Research and Innovation projects, GEIGER aims to provide tool kits to measure the level of cybersecurity of micro and small enterprises (MSEs) and increase their awareness regarding data protection and privacy, thanks to specific training tools. It is aimed at three different types of companies:
  • Digitally Dependent: companies that use market software tools (WhatsApp, Instagram, Facebook and other apps) to carry out their business without technical expertise;
  • Digitally-based: companies that instead use tailor-made software to do business;
  • Digital Enabler: small IT start-ups that provide products, solutions and services to extremely vertical market niches.
Kaspersky ensures the identification of threats to mobile devices of the small and micro enterprises involved in the project through the integration of Kaspersky Mobile Security Software Development Kit (KMS SDK) into the GEIGER Toolbox, which allows MSEs to assess their level of risk in terms of digital security and data protection.

In addition, Kaspersky is responsible for security training and is responsible for the "Gamified Educational Contents" section of the project.

"After completing the training, the so-called Security Defenders certified by GEIGER act as "ambassadors" by transferring the knowledge gained to the companies they work with thanks to two gamification solutions Kaspersky Interactive Protection Simulation and Cyber Safety Management Games. This approach is particularly important for small and micro enterprises, which lack experienced staff or resources to manage an efficient cybersecurity awareness program," said Cesare D'Angelo, General Manager Italy at Kaspersky.

Aimed at those who deal with cybersecurity on a daily basis, Kaspersky Interactive Protection Simulation helps Certified Security Defenders recognize the dangers affecting small and micro businesses, better understand cybercrime and its possible implications thanks to a map, which simulates different work environments, from the hairdresser to the gym that manage reservations via app to the medical statistics service and the association of accountants who process sensitive user data.

"Those who use digital tools for their business must also worry about aspects related to cyber security. Cyber threats are difficult to detect without proper tools and most security incidents can be attributed to human error," said Dr. Bernd Remmele, Research Associate and Data Protection Officer at the Pädagogische Hochschule Freiburg – University of Education and coordinator of the Certified Security Defender training project. "Thanks to the GEIGER project, small and micro enterprises will be able to understand and know what threats can damage their business and a training course will support them in making informed and informed security decisions."