Kaspersky contributes to a roundtable conference on cybersecurity upskilling in Northern India

Kaspersky Academy participated in the deliberations on “Cybersecurity Upskilling through Education” hosted by the Uttarakhand Technical University (UTU) in Dehradun, the northern part of India, with other cybersecurity experts, government and industry representatives, to identify areas of collaboration for developing local talents through cybersecurity educational programmes.

Lt. Gen. Dr Rajesh Pant, National Cybersecurity Coordinator-Prime Minister Office, opened the conference with a presentation on the Government’s current cybersecurity initiatives, including building education and awareness.

Meanwhile, Prof. NK Goyal, President of the CMAI Association of India and Chairman Emeritus of the Telecom Equipment Manufacturers Association of India (TEMA), encouraged concerned industries to provide expertise and guidance to develop the country’s first specialised programme on cybersecurity.

Part of Kaspersky’s mission is to drive the best cybersecurity education to build a safer world wherein the Academy plays a critical role. Kaspersky has a strong interest in developing talents in the field. The company believes that strategic partnerships with academic institutions positively impacts the workforce through developing local talents, creating a positive spillover effect in the community.