Kaspersky launches all-new ‘jargon free’ cyber training for business leaders and executives

Kaspersky has today announced the launch of an all-new Cybersecurity for Executives Online Training, crucial for today’s digital businesses and entrepreneurs. The cybersecurity training is essential for risk management, crisis response, while also empowering business leaders when making effective informed decisions during security incidents.

Cooperation between IT security teams and company boards has never been more important – or beneficial for business – with only 50 percent of IT leaders believing that senior management fully understands cyber risks. And with 90 percent of IT decision-makers claiming their business leaders would be willing to compromise on cybersecurity in favor of digital transformation, productivity, or other goals[1], the new training course aims to change this mindset by discussing the importance of IT security awareness as a business leader’s responsibility.

Fostering a stronger security culture within the organization, the new training program aims to raise attendees’ awareness about the modern cybersecurity threat landscape and introduce them to proper use of cybersecurity skills, as successful cyberattacks and breaches lead, at best, to headaches for a company’s IT, with minor disruptions to internal systems. At worst, they can devastate an organization.

The Cybersecurity for Executives Online Training was created by Kaspersky’s top managers and leading cybersecurity experts. Course participants learn the basics of cybersecurity through a tutor-led online video course, covering six main learning modules:

  • Introduction to cybersecurity;

  • Cyber risks for businesses;

  • Cyberattacks and attackers’ tools;

  • Protecting yourself and your company from cyberattacks;

  • Managing the consequences of cyberattacks;

  • The future of cybersecurity.

The course has brought together a stellar line-up of the company’s speakers, including Eugene Kaspersky, the company’s founder and CEO, Andrey Suvorov, Head of Kaspersky OS Business Unit, Igor Kuznetsov, Global Research and Analysis Team (GReAT) Director, Yuliya Novikova, Head of Digital Footprint Intelligence, and Lavinia Rossi, Head of Enterprise and Global Sales. The training is delivered in a microlearning format with tests focusing on the knowledge, practical guidelines and checklists managers need for business cybersecurity.

“Digital technologies have a profound impact on every part of business life, bringing greater opportunities, cost efficiencies, ability to scale globally, and numerous other benefits,” said Kaspersky founder and CEO Eugene Kaspersky. “As the security and reliability of these technologies has a direct impact on an organization’s performance, cybersecurity is turning into one of natural duties of a responsible business leader. With this course we aim to help those in leadership positions by educating them on the cybersecurity fundamentals and sharing the considerations that executives have to pay attention to in order to ensure that their business stays ahead of cyber threats.”

With cybersecurity requiring the active involvement not only of CISOs and IT, but of non-technical leadership as well, with a shared commitment to building a culture of cybersafety throughout the organization, course attendees also benefit from access to materials that can be used on a daily basis and distributed throughout any organization.

To reinforce new knowledge, the course includes practical tasks for attendees and self-assessment questions at the end of each topic. When users have completed the program, they will receive a Kaspersky certificate of completion.

In total, it contains 50 lessons of three-to-six minutes each. It can be provided via access to a cloud platform or in SCORM to be integrated into a company’s learning management system.

The program is part of Kaspersky’s Security Awareness portfolio, which offers a range of engaging training options to boost employees’ cybersecurity awareness and empower them to play their part in the overall cybersafety of an organization.

To register, or for more information on Cybersecurity for Executives Online Training, visit the Kaspersky Academy website.

About Kaspersky

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[1] A global study “Business friction is exposing organizations to cyber threats”, Trend Micro