Kaspersky held a three-day online course on basic cybersecurity for students of Saudi Arabia

On February 3-5, Kaspersky held a three-day online course on basic cybersecurity for students of CyberHub, the cybersecurity association of Saudi Arabia.

The first day of the course was devoted to a discussion of the fundamentals of information security and the study of basic concepts and categories, such as the main types of cyber threats and vulnerabilities. The final part of the first day was the topic of opportunistic attacks and social engineering.

On the second day of the course, the main focus was on talking about the areas of information security. The students covered areas such as reverse engineering and forensics in more detail, but they also managed to touch on the work of the Security Operations Center and penetration testing.

At the end of the course, students took part in the analysis of such topics as targeted attacks (Advanced Persistent Threats) and the darkmarket, and also talked about historical cyber incidents of some groups: Lazarus, Silence, Carbanak. Finally, together with the students, we were able to compare the situation in the field of cybersecurity in the past and the present, as well as look into the future and predict the next trends in security solutions.

Throughout the broadcast, the lecture part was accompanied by practice: questions to the audience, homework and case studies. In total, about 500 students took part in the course, who received certificates at the end of the webinars. The best students at the end of the course were invited to an individual session of an online cybersecurity training — Kaspersky Interactive Protection Simulation (KIPS).