Kaspersky held KIPS student championship

In October 2021 Kaspersky Academy team organized a new student activity — KIPS student championship.

More then 50 teams from different parts of the world signed up to participate.

During the championship we met representatives of Spain, France, Finland, Germany, United Kingdom, Ethiopia, Kenya, Algeria, Nigeria, Jordan, Brazil, Russian Federation.

The championship was held in 3 stages:

  • Stage 1. All teams played the “Airport” scenario. 70% of best performers were invited to stage 2.
  • Stage 2. All teams played the brand new “Threat attribution” scenario. 70% of best performers were invited to the finals.
  • Stage 3 (Finals). All teams played the “Power station” scenario. The winners were announced.

The list of the teams, participation in the finals with their raiting:

  1. mh4/2
  2. FHAC1
  3. NakaTeam
  4. Handsome ducklings (w4c4n4)
  5. Hacking-ETSIT
  6. APT56
  7. BreizhFlag
  8. Maximum likelihood
  9. FHAC2
  10. Ymir
  11. Cyber plumbers
  12. Limitless Ait
  13. ITMOtion
  14. Avrora Team
  15. obelus
  16. BiBa
  17. Clube de programação
  18. cybersecurity agency of mcspicy
  19. Bissays
  20. BinaryBearsJunior

We congratulate the winning teams!

NakaTeam, Russia, MIREA
Team FHAC1, Germany, FH Aachen
Team MH4/2, Malaysia, UTeM