Kaspersky SUTD Security award 2022

The Kaspersky Lab Security Award seeks to motivate the most outstanding student who is enrolled in 50.020 Security offered by the Computer Science and Design (CSD) pillar at SUTD University.

The top student with the highest academic score at the end of the term is selected for the award. Selection of the recipient is made by faculty teaching the course.

In 2022 studying year, the Kaspersky prize was awarded to Han Xingyi.

Han Xingyi was a member of the Makerspace Club and served as a student ambassador for the SUTD Virtual Open House 202 and workshop facilitator for the Thymio Workshop for DHS Students. She was awarded 1st position for the HTX Investigator’s Challenge 2021.

Selected to participate in the SUTD Honours and Research Programme (SHARP), Xingyi was invited to share her experiences during the SHARP workshop and talk, SUTD Admissions and Career Talk 2020 and was interviewed for an article featuring senior students in the WeAreSUTD blog.