Online Reverse Engineering Bootcamp – a unique training from Kaspersky experts

Reverse engineering is one of the most in-demand types of cybersecurity expertise on the market. According to Kaspersky, about 30% of ransomware Trojan victims are corporate users so businesses need complex protection from malware. 

Skilled reverse engineers aren’t born - they’re made by experience. Kaspersky Academy has launched and conducted international Online Reverse Engineering Bootcamp for students of technical schools, colleges or universities, polytechnics.

This bootcamp gives both concentrated knowledge and skills of reverse engineering and uncover the profession’s prospects. In particular, the bootcamp opens the door to the field for reverse engineering, a core skill for those wanting to build a career as a malware analyst or threat hunter. The bootcamp is 100% practical. Starting from the basic concepts students gradually move through Intel assembly instructions, distinctive calling conventions and memory types, executable analysis and more to finally reverse ‘real’ malware and solidify their knowledge and skills.

The bootcamp was consisted of video lessons and online broadcasts with Kaspersky experts: Ivan Kwiatkowski, Senior Security Researcher and Vitaly Kamluk, Principal Security Researcher. The students practice on hands-on virtual labs, pass tests and examine training materials & tips on the educational platform.
250+ registrations, majority of curious students from Europe, India, Singapore, Malaysia and plenty of positive feedback – these are the results of Online Reverse Engineering Bootcamp.