Our Entry Level Course was successfully held online

On April 28-30, an online Entry Level Course was provided by Kaspersky.Academy. The training was held for students of Russian-Armenian University in Yerevan.

This is the first experience of conducting an Entry Level Course in Cybersecurity online. We believe one of our missions is to participate in educational initiatives during self-isolation mode.

There was a lot of interactive content added to the webinar sources along with serious topics on the general cybersecurity concepts. Listeners were engaged and did not get tired of the complex material presented online. Lots of interesting and informative quizzes and questions were given.

Almost all students had at least once encountered malware and after the lectures, they learned how to manage such attacks.

For those who want to know more, complicated tasks were prepared. Students applied OSINT techniques to determine the location of objects in the images. They tried to figure out what is the name of a house in Germany and a hotel in Amman and recognized the Notre-Dame Cathedral from a photo of a Chimera. The most successful participants were able to find a hotel based on a photo of a car park located nearby.

Two particularly involved participants were able to understand the nuances of OS Windows and tried themselves as cybersecurity professionals, so they earned certificates with honors.

As far as we learn about face recognition algorithms, we played the game “fool the neural network”. Participants applied themselves an adversarial makeup which, theoretically, can attack the neural network and cause it to classify objects incorrectly. Although such simple attacks were not successful, students realized that Cybersecurity is a large field of knowledge where different knowledge is needed.

Students were able to learn firsthand the fundamentals of threats and vulnerabilities, protection methods and modern trends in cybersecurity. The students who completed their assignments and passed the final quiz received a certificate from Kaspersky.