Students from Russia, India and South Africa completed a course by Kaspersky

On March 3-5, Kaspersky conducted an introductory cybersecurity course for FEFU students.

The three-day training session from Marina Tyuleneva, an expert at Kaspersky Lab, was an opening one for the semester module on cybersecurity that students will go through. The course was divided into a theoretical and practical part.

The first day of the course was dedicated to the basics of cybersecurity: students learned what vulnerabilities and threats exist, and also talked about the basics of network security. In the next lesson, attention was paid to areas of information security, such as a security monitoring center, forensics, analysis of cyber threats and cryptography.

On the contrary, the last training day was devoted to cybercriminals work analysis. Opportunistic attacks (for example, social engineering), APT attacks, dark market, and hacker groups structure were examined. In conclusion, the course experts explained what companies and end-users can do to protect themselves from such threats.

The course was accompanied by intermediate and final testing, as well as a Kaspersky Interactive Protection Simulation (KIPS) team session, in which students checked the knowledge gained in a game format. The training was attended by 37 students from countries such as India, Brazil, and South Africa.