Kaspersky Ambassador Program

Kaspersky Ambassador Program brings together an international community of talented, proactive students and teachers who are interested in cybersecurity and motivated to save the world by sharing their deep knowledge and skills in a scientific and educational environment.

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“Don’t be afraid of making mistakes, don’t be afraid of experimenting, and don’t be afraid of hard work. If you try, there are two possible outcomes: either you succeed or you don’t. If you do nothing, there’s only ever one outcome. Don’t be afraid! Go ahead! Try! Work! Learn! Look for the right people to help you. And once again – work.”

Eugene Kaspersky

Who we are

Creative and passionate about cybersecurity. Cyber leaders lead campaigns and projects at their academic institutions to encourage others to be more cyber savvy. Together, cyber leaders play a big role in helping to secure the future for everyone.

Join if you are:

  • Currently a student at the academic institution or teacher with a good reputation on campus
  • Willing to share their knowledge and experience with others
  • Thrilled by new technology and passionate about cybersecurity
  • Charismatic and outgoing
  • Creative with a 'can-do' attitude
  • Responsible, reliable and self-motivated

Your Mission:

Increase the availability of cybersecurity knowledge and expertise all over the globe by:

  • Planning and hosting tech events/meetups and giving demos on campus
  • Initiating professional discussions through academic communities and social networks
  • Developing relationships with students and faculty associations on campus and online
  • Creating innovative ways of learning

Benefits of Joining:

  • Enhance professional development, leadership and communication skills
  • Join exclusive professional training events from Kaspersky Lab
  • Get expert, grant and marketing support from Kaspersky Lab
  • Connect with like-minded peers from all over the world
  • Earn rewards for performance
  • Gain career opportunities 

How It Works

  • Register providing data in the form above
  • Our manager will contact you and invite you to join the program

Details about the program Here (rules).

  • Earn points by driving program activities
  • Gain rewards and exclusive opportunities for your professional development

Do good and save the world with us!

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