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Kaspersky Interactive Protection Simulation (KIPS)

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    Top managers and decision makers

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    Strategic team game designed for business systems experts, IT specialists, line managers and company executives.

What you will learn

  • KIPS training is targeted at business system experts, IT people and line managers, and should increase their awareness of the risks and security problems of running modern computerized systems.
  • KIPS game is a dynamic awareness program based on «learning by doing»

Education Programm

  • KIPS training is a strategic business simulation, a team game that demonstrates the connection between business efficiency and cybersecurity.
  • KIPS training is aimed at C-level executives, business system experts, IT people and line managers, to increase their awareness of the risks and security problems involved in running modern computerized systems. Participants are placed in a simulated business environment as members of the IT security team, where they’re faced with a series of unexpected cyberthreats while having to keep the company running smoothly and earning revenue.
  • The game also fosters cooperation between IT and non-IT decision-makers that is essential for effective cybersecurity within every business.

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